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Default Fun for my class and for me too

Why did you register on XP Math?

I wanted a fun website for my Grade 7 students to practice their math skills... and I found out I am having fun improving mine too... I have a student who keeps beating all my high scores and she is only 13 years old

How did you find out about XP Math?

I found it on the internet, by fluke - surfing for math games...

What is your favorite game on XP Math?

I am addicted to the Chopper Fractions and Decimals Edition and love the Math Fighter Integer Operations. I am also experimenting to figure out how to do two digit operations faster - I am so so slow compared to others on this site... But I have played almost all the games...

Thank you for this site - it is awesome and I am thoroughly enjoying it for myself, not to mention all the students in my class who are getting faster and getting used to doing math under pressure (aren't tests similar to games with a count-down timer... )
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