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Originally Posted by Dark88Dragon View Post
2 Cars, a yellow Lamborghini Murcielago and a red Ferrari Testerossa, start their engines in New York and begin to drive in opposite ways, one to the north the other one to the south. Both drivers realize after 4 miles that it doesnt make to much fun on this street because of all the traffic. So both of them decide to turn left. After 3 more miles both of them quit, because they realize driving a big car like this doesn´t make any sense in town. One of them suddenly realizes that he has forgot his brandnew Playstation 4 in the car of the other guy. So he charters a helicopter because he is really nerved by all the traffic and flies to the guy. What is the shortest distance he is able to take to get his brandnew PS4?
10 miles.

You can make two right triangles out of the paths each driver takes. Each right triangle has a hypotenuse of 5 miles (sqrt(3^2 + 4^ 2)) and adding them up gives 10 miles.

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