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Originally Posted by Doggirl3 View Post
I hope this is ok to share but I founded a worrksheet maker for muplication problems.
HTML Code:
I hope this helps the kids and people that want to keep active with their minds while practicing math tricks. If practice the two digit multiplication trick think bow tie without the know in the middle of it. Right leave the first number as the carry but use the second number as the answer, cross over part, add the answers of the cross over multiplied answers of the cross over add the carried number if its a two number answer leave the first number as the carry and the second number as the answer left side of the problem like the right side. mulitiply, add the carry of the answer. If two numbers answer use the answer as the beginning part of the answer. That is the trick I learn. But you will get the image in your brain like drawing of a bowtie without the knot in it. Sorry about what I discovered and again I hope its ok to share the site and what I learned.
This would be helpful as my homeschooling resources, as well. Thanks much!
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