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AgreeI cant think of where algebra would be used in journalism on a daily basis. But that doesn't mean you wont see it when you get there. Plus, the more you know about everything in journalism, the better you are prepared to cover any story. However, unless you have someone pulling strings for you, don't expect to jump right out of college and be a successful journalist. (Great if you are, but thats far from true for most.) Although you might like journalism now, you might change career paths in the future. Talk to anyone who graduated college, you really never know where life is going to bring you. Algebra is in just about every field. Anything involving computers and networking will use algebra intensly. Anything involving construction, or putting things together will involve agebra. You will see practical applications for algebra if you work as a newspaper layout editor. If you are going to be successful in the career market, algebra is probably one of the top skills.Chances are you won't need intense algebra, however if it is a weak area for you, that is all the more reason to learn more and make it a strong point.