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You teacher is absolutely right, algebra can be used in daily life and you cannot run away from maths if you want success in your life so pay as much attention as you can and learn with interest, algebra is fun, trust me.Let me give you a simple but interesting example,I was few years back in a situation where a property value was to be divided into four people but as per the condition the youngest person gets the half of what each of other gets, means if other 3 are getting $4000 then youngest gets $2000, so how the property is to be divided?Now I was and am a big maths fan so I solved that using algebra, check this out,Suppose the property value is $78350 and 'x' is the cut of each person, now here is how it goes,x + x + x + x / 2 = 78350(note that three 'x' are 3 people and 'x/2' is the youngest person who is getting half of other people), that's it !! just solve 'x' and you have the answer,3x + x / 2 = 78350(6x + x) / 2 = 783506x + x = 1567007x = 156700x = 22385.71So each person gets $22385.71Lets verify that,= 22385.71 + 22385.71 + 22385.71 + 22385.71/2= 78349.99Enjoy !!!!!!!!!