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Smile Hey

The relationship between the all the set of order pairs is -2.

My teacher helped me though.

How I got it: I took 2 of each of the order pairs. (-3,7) & (4,-7)

Note: There suppose to be fractions.
7- -7 7+7 14 Divide!
____ = ____= ___=-2
-3-4 -3-4 -7

Let me explain. You put the second Y on top then the first Y. After you do that you put the second X at the bottom then put the first X at the bottom.(X1,Y1) & (X2,Y2). After that you do your interger rules. Then you add 7+7=14, then you add -3+-4=-2. Then you divide 14/-7=-2. You can do that with either 2 order pairs you want.
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