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Cool Tips For Games

I will post at least one tip for every game.

Call of Hierarchy: Black Order of Operations - If you are not good at order of operations then keep a sheet of paper next to you that says "PEMDAS."

F>Zero Graphing Inequalities - Use the "Red Ship" and try not to loose your power.

Plinko Probability - The Probability is Right - Answer the question as quick as you can and drop your "Plinko Chip" close to the highest price.

Primes Vs. Composites: Divisibility Rules - Use JosePereira11's strategies.

Absolute Value Boxes - Make sure you don't get any wrong and go fast!

Baseball Exponents - Keep going and don't swing if you don't know which one is the answer.

Call of Geometry: Quadrilateral Warfare - Try to get every one you need to get in that level and shoot the planes!

Chopper - Fractions & Decimals Edition - Watch out for the middle!

Circle Addition Equation - Play on the level "Very Hard."

I will post more later.

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