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Default Remember That Time

  • Remember that time when we had a VIP Forum chat and everday we would be chatting in it
  • Remember that time when we used to compete in tournaments and always argued on who was the best of us
  • Remember that time when we all had Mr.Hui's class and he made us all sign up for his website and made us all VIPs
  • Remember that time whenever we had a test we would hop on Xpmath and start using it to study
  • Remember that time when we recieved our shipment of Xpmath shirts and we were all excited to wear them so all of us were walking the in hallways wearing matching shirts
  • Rememeber that time when Mr.Hui would always destroy us in every single math game he ever created and we wouldn't even get mad we would use it as motivation to get better
  • Rememeber that time when we all used Xpmath every single day
  • Remember that time when we all left Xpmath without saying goodbye
  • Ever wondered what it feel like being a carefree kid again who would always play this game and chat with their friends and not worry about having homework or the next final test. Stress-free and never had a single responsibilty.
  • I miss my old friends, teacher, and this website. I wish it lived longer in our hearts. It was nice knowing all of you.
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