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There are two reasons why schools teach algebra. First, because it is needed for a whole lot of important jobs. You can't really complete training for any jobin health sciences, in science, in engineering, or in business above the peon level without being able to solve algebra type problems. And, second, algebra is the first course that people take that really separates out smart from ****, hard working from lazy. There are plenty of kids who don't like algebra and may never use it, but they are smart enough to do it anyway, and determined enough to succeed so that they work at it and get it right. Getting a decent grade in algebra is like getting a medal that says "I'm smart and not afraid of hard work."The colleges want to see that when you apply. If you get a bad mark in algebra, even if you are going to major in English or History, it is a red flag warning the good colleges that you probably won't fit in there. So, whether you like it or not, work at it and get a decent grade. Then you can forget about it later if you don't need it. But you might be surprised at how often it comes in handy!Good luck with your future anyway!