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The Doctor
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Default Economic Statistics?

Where can I get reliable, accurate statistical information about job growth, unemployment, inflation, cost of living, cost of healthcare, number of bankruptcies, number of people on welfare, etc, online? Is there anywhere? I don't want to go with whitehouse.gov because I don't exactly trust it. However, I do believe there IS a government agency that keeps track of some of those things. I'd accept their email or phone number, but I'd also like any independent organizations anyone can give me.
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Check out The Congressional Budget Office http://cbo.gov/and the Office of Management and Budget. http://www.whitehouse.gov/omb/
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The Bureau of Labor has good labor statistics, and the Bureau of Economic ****ysis has good data on inflation and economic growth. The Council of Economic Advisors publishes an annual summary of the US economy, which is widely cited and is reliable.
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Anita A
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I highly reccomend the economists world in figures. Its published annually and has economic statistics on literally anything imaginable to man

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