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Default more urgent math help!?

4. If the three angles of a triangle have equal measures, find that measure.The measure of each angle is________ degrees.5. Two angles are complementary. One contains 30° more than the other. Find both angles.The measures of the angles are_______ and ________degrees.6. How large is an angle whose supplement contains 12° less than three times its complement?The measure of the angle is_________ degrees.7. Two angles of a triangle have equal measures, but the third angle's measure is 36° less than the sum of the other two. Find the measure of each angle of the triangle.The first and second angles measure______ degrees, and the third angle measures________ degrees.8. An angle is 14° more than the measure of its complement. Find the number of degrees in each angle.The angles measure_______ degrees and________ degrees.9. An angle measures 24° more than twice its supplement. Find the measure of the supplement.The measure of the angles will be______ degrees and_______ degrees.
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4. 605. 60, 30that's all I know! Hope it helps!

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