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Default chem math problems?

1) the weak electrolyte NH3 (g) does not obey Henrey's law. why? 02(g) obeys Henreys law in water but not in blood (an aqueous solution) why?2) Detergent molecules can stabilize the emulsion of oil in water as well as remove dirl from soiled clothes. A typical detergent is sodium dodexylsulfate, or sds, and it has a formulal of CH3(CH2)10CH2SO4 NA. In aqueous solution sds suspends oil or dirt by forming small aggregates of detergent anions called micelles. Propose a structure for micelles.3) An queous antifreeze solution is 40% ethylene glycol (C2H6O2) by mass. The density of the solution is 1.05%g/cm^3. Calculate the molality, molarity and mole fraction of the ethylene glycol.
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Alicia T
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well this might be hard but the answer is 30%heLiam 60%ethleneglycol and 10%by mass
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scott k
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I can answer #2 for you considering I did my research on it. A micelle would be a spherical structure of docecyl sulfate chains. Dodecyl chain >> C-C-C-C-C-C-C-C-C-C-C-C-SO4 Excluding hydrogens. Have you ever seen a froosh ball, its one of those rubber toys with things sticking out of it. A micelle would appear the same way. Imagine the center and the carbon ends of the chain will all point toward the middle making the middle of the sphere where the charge will be positive and the sulfates will be pointed out from the center of the sphere.If you want email me at chemphreak_2000@yahoo.com and I can send you a picture of one.

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