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12 yy
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Default what do you learn in 7th grade math and English? (and 8th grade too please) thanks.?

I am in this school in France which teaches nothing but French, I will complete this course here in July, I will be going back to the US in September and I will be going to 9th grade. I have stayed at this place for almost 2 years now and I need to learn some math, can you tell me the topics on what you learn in 7th and 8th grade so I don't have to spend all my time there catching up with math and English. Could you tell me a website which provides online tutition in mathematics and english for 7th and 8th grad in the US? Please... Thanks if you would help.
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Josh M
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In 7th and 8th grade, I was in Algerbra I and Algebra II, but you may be in something else. In English, we just learned vocabulary words and read and discussed books.Try any textbook website you know, such as:www.harcourt.comwww.phschool.comalso try:www.hotmath.comwww.mathplayground.comFor english you can try the textbook websites as well.I hope this helps

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