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ner ner.
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Default mathematics. help.?

a chess club, consisting of 4 persons, decided to go to a broadway show all together. they are told that tuesday night each ticket will cost $21. however on saturday night each will cost $35. how much will the club save by going on tuesday night rather than going on saturday night?
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Alright, so let's start this problem:Let us first calculuate how much they must pay on Tuesday night. There are four people and they each must pay $21 to go to the show on a Tuesday night.We can calculate the total cost by doing $21 x 4 which is $84. Therefore they will spend $84 on Tuesday.Let us now calculate how much they will spend on Friday:It costs $35 for each peron on a Friday and since therer are four of them the total can be calculated by doing $35 x 4 which is $140. Therefore they will spend a total of $140 if they go on Friday.The question asks how much they will save, well that is the difference between the price on Tuesday and Friday:$140 - $85 = $56Therefore they will save $56 if they go on Saturday.Hope I helped
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The answer is $56 because you multiply the prices by 4 and subtract Tuesdays from Saturdays. -Ex. (35*4)-(21*4) = 140-84 = $56
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so when they go on saturday it will cost them:4*$35 = $140but in tuesday night:4*$21= $84So from subtracting 84 from 140, they can save $56..hope that'll help
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