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Default Is quantum position a function of probability?

Is the position of something at the quantum level a function of probability?If so, then in the macro world, can it be said that position is the average of all the quantum probabilities? Or smoothed out totality of the probabilities of each quanta?I would think for most physicists *** itself is highly improbable, given the dearth of girls who are turned on by quantum theory.sbjnyc -- so, does that mean that quantum physics holds that things aren't really in some kind of superposition, but rather we just can't tell what position a quanta is in until we measure it? I.e. It's kind of like a deck of cards -- shuffle it up and then put the deck face down - the probability of any one card being at the top is 1 in 52 - but only because we don't know what the top card is? It's not that top card is all 52 cards at once, but rather it is just that we don't KNOW what the top card is. It's got 100% chance of being whatever card is actually at the top? I.e. Schroedinger's Cat was 100% dead, but we didn't know it until we opened the box?
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gary your too funny!! lmao!
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Not exactly.The quantum state of a system is a superposition of states. For each of these states then parameters like position are entirely funciotnall deterministic. However, the likelihood of the system being in any of these superposed states at an instance is probabilistic.In quantum mechanics you need both a state vector and a metric to get the value for a quantity.

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