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Default I don't understand this equation problem

Bob has $3 more than Carol, and has twice as much as Leon. Together they have $108. How much does each person have? Write and solve and Equation for this problem
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Mr. Hui

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Let B = Bob's money
C = Carol's money
L = Leon's money

B = C + 3
B = 2*L
B + C + L = 108

See if you can solve for B, C, and L.
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Red face Setting up equations accurately

Mr Hui,

Most of the battle is setting up equations correctly. I think this is something which most of us never really get enough practice at doing. So much of maths is just solving equations given to us in a question. But applying maths to a given situation is always a challenge.

I think the help you gave here was very helpful and leaves the student something to finish.


Lisa Smith
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