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Jonathan W
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Cool Social Studies Help!

I need help with my last question on my Social Studies homework. I have been stuck on it for a while.

Here it is:

Why do you think Egyptians put so much effort into building the structures, both in the Old and New Kingdom? What do these structure' size and the intricacy of the way they were designed suggest about the Egyptians' attitude toward the gods and pharaohs?
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Wish I could help u, but I'm not good at social studies. SORRY!!!
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o well check if this is right...
Egyptians of the Old Kingdom believed that burial sites, especially royal tombs were very important. As a result they build spectacular structures calls pyramids to bury their rulers. The Egyptians wanted the pyramids to be spectacular because they believed that the pharaoh, as their link to the gods, controlled everyone’s afterlife.
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becuz they honored the pharos and the pharos chose how big their pyrimid was gonna be and so on. im studying about this rite now
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Sorry! Just starting to learn about Africa. Can't help.
Finally finished all my tests!!!

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