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Post What do you want to be when you grow up?

I'm only 12 years old (almost 13 -.-) but just a few months ago i started thinking about what a really want to "be" when i grow up. Most of my friends already know what they plan to be, and hearing them talk about the great plans only makes me want to pick what i want to turn out as... i know i have a lot of time to think about this and decide... however i just have an itch to atleast get an idea. Any ideas?
I love to write ( and am fairly good at it), the internet and computers in general are interesting to me. I love taking pictures, and now photoshopping them (a special thanks to mr.h!). i want to make a difference. i dont care if im helping people in a neiborhood, or people in a state but i want to make somthing of myself. math is my favortie subject in school, being in algebra as a 7th grader with the highest grade (104%) in the class. the class is based for 8th graders, but 7th graders are allowed in it if they place well on the test we were given last year. i can build web pages, and i read most of the time. having an ipod touch, i figured out many things my brother(16 years of age) cant even figure out. i also play basketball, soccer,and volleyball. i manage my time very well, or so i am told. im a strait-A-student, and most days i have atleast 2 sports to play in/for. i decorate for dances and partys and draw and paint aswell.
that was just a little bit about me... what do you think i would be sucessful as?

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