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Default I have a math question!!?

How many liters of bedding will it take to fill something of the following dimensions: 11''wide 22''long and 1'' high? I would be so greatful if you could tell me.
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242to fill sumthin its volume so u multiply them all
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Al Bunn
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22 * 11 * 1 = 242 cubic inches = 3.97 liters
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I am assuming you are trying to find the volume. The formula for the volume is w x h x l. so the answer would be 11 x 1 x 22 = 242 cu. inches. now you have to convert this to liters. the conversion from cubic inches to liters is { 1 cubic inch = 0.016387 liter} so 242 cu inches = 3.965 liters of bedding
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We have to calculate the volume in cubic inches first.22 * 11 = 242 cubic inches.Next convert cubic inches to liters:1 cubic inch = 0.016387064 liters242 * 0.016387 = 3.97 liters

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