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Default how do you do this algebra problem on work?

person A puts up wallpaper in the bedrooms of a house in 3 hrs. person B can do the same job in 4 hrs, and person C can do the same job in 12 hrs. if all three of them work together, how many minutes will it take them to put up the wallapaper?
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notethese are easy to set upIn one hourA wallpapers 1/3 of the houseB wallpapers 1/4 of the house, andC wallpapers 1/12 of the houseif x = the number of hours to wallpaper one house, then1/3 x + 1/4 x + 1/12 x = 1multiply each term by the LCD = 124x + 3x + x = 12combine like terms8x = 12x = 12/8 = 3/2 = 1.5 hours = 90 minutes
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A took: 180 minutesB took: 240 minutesC took: 720 minutesso the average time they take is : (180 + 240 + 720) / 3 = 380 minutes
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