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Default is my probability calculation correct?

if the chances of getting a stranger you like, to like you, is but 0.00001, you just have to know 100,000 people to make this dream come true.true?
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Not true.From the mathematical point of view you have to know and like 100000 people to be sure of a result.From the more pragmatic point of view, you can strike lucky and find that person when you only know a few individuals.
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Well, it is true that 100,000 * 0.00001 = 1.However, there are no guarantees. Just through bad luck, you could go through 100,000 people and still not get any of them to like you.It's kind of like saying that since the odds of rolling a 1 on a 6-sided die are 1/6, you only have to roll six times in order to be sure of getting a 1. Well, that's not quite true: it's entirely possible to roll six times and not get any 1's at all.
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Based on your factor given, it's true.100,000 * 0∙00001 = 1I do think your factor is a but unrealistic.

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