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q w
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Default probability problem?

A barrel contains only apples and oranges. There are twice as many apples as oranges. The apples are either red or yellow, and 4 times as many apples are red as are yellow. If one piece of fruit is to be drawn at random from the barrel, what is the probability that the piece drawn will be a yellow apple?
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Evan B
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probability of picking an apple * probability of picking a yellow apple given you've picked an apple =(2/3)*(1/5) = 2/15
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Pro bono publico
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Start with Red/yellow apples:for 1 yellow, there would be 4 red = 5 apples ...but that would mean 2.5 oranges. So, multiply by 2 ...For 2 yellow, there would be 8 red = 10 apples and 5 oranges = 15 pieces of fruit. P(yellow apple) = 2/15

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