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Default i have an 8th grade math question about finding height of a water fall 0_o?

Sam's trip down the river starts at an elevation of 9,683 feet above sea level. When he reaches the end, he is at 8,911 feet above sea level. The waterfalls in the river account for 30% or 231.6 feet of the drop. There are 17 waterfalls on the river that Sam will go down. What is the average height of each waterfall?
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Chalie M
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Do your own homework
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i'm not positive but i believe it would be 13.62 ft. 231.6/17
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231.6/17=13.623529411764705882352941176471 FTyou might want to round it to14ft . looks like the first two elevations are pointless to the question
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Since there are 17 waterfalls, divide the 231.6 by 17.That will leave you with the average height.The other information is not needed.

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