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Default Is Algebra 2 the same in high school as College Algebra in College?

Hey, anyways, I'm planning to take Algebra 2 over the summer so that i can take Stats next year when I'm a Junior. My counselor told me I can only take Algebra 2 over the summer in community college, and when I looked up class schedules, there were no listings for Algebra 2. So if I take College Algebra, is that the same thing as taking Algebra 2? Alright, if you answered, thanks for your help, bye.If not, what is the equivalent class to Algebra 2 to take over college, or is there no possible way to take Algebra 2 over the summer in a college course?.. Once again, thanks for your answers, bye.
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in my experience, Fall of 2003, it was more mathmatic modeling, paraboles and needing a advanced calculator with graphing capabilities They call it critical problem solving.....algebra not really for the fun of it but how you get there
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Basically, the answer is no.However, if your high school counselor says you can receive credit then the answer effectively becomes yes.The material is not entirely the same. The text, teaching techniques, course expectations, pacing, student work, etc., are quite different. There is certainly some overlap, but it is not the same stuff.

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