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Talking 2 step equations are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!

2 step equations are so fun and easy. like this one.


30-30= cancle out 50-30=20

20 divided by 2= 10

c i told ya just try 2 step equations its pretty dang fun take it from me!
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Smile making equations real life

I wanted to share a project that I used with my 7th grade math students after they completed their chapter solving algebraic equations. It was a great way to connect algebraic equations to a realistic application. I am always looking for ways to help the students see real-world connections. It also provides an opportunity to apply what they have learned in a context outside of their textbook. For this project, students gathered information from online sources regarding foreign currency and the value. Each student researched a different country. The students completed a worksheet to guide their research with regards to the history of the money and how the monetary unit was created or is currently used. In the end, the students created an algebraic equation to convert their money from U.S. dollars to another currency and vice versa. When students completed their research and equations, the information was shared so the students could complete a peer review of the projects. The final projects were displayed using publisher, power point, or word processing programs. Overall it was a great success and nice change of pace for the students to practice algebra!
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Mr. Hui

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Thank you for sharing your great project idea. It is interdisciplinary with practical applications. I'll try it with my students.
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try this

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