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Default Geometry question?

The angle of elevation to the top of building from a postion on the ground 100 meters from the base of the builfing is 40 degrees. how tall is the building?a. 321 mb. 227 mmc. 119 md. 84 m
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all of the above.Use your textbook...Yeesh...
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You don't even need a calculator for this one.40 degrees is less than 45 degrees, and 45 degrees is the angle of elevation where the height would be _equal to_ the distance from the base. The choice that's less than 100 is d.More generally, the formula for the height of the building would be...h = d * tan ewhere...h is the height.d is the distance you are from the base of the building.e is the angle of elevation to the top of the building.

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