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Juicy Baby
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Default Pre-calc!!! Radian measure and geometry!!?

A wheel 3 ft. in diameter makes x revolutions. Find x, given that the distance traveled by a point on the circumference of the wheel is 22619 ft. (Round answer to the nearest whole number).I keep trying but i just can't get it....please help menote that since the diameter is 3. the radius is (3/2) or 1.5
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The circumference that the wheel has is: 2 times Pi times rand that means that the circumference is 6 times Piwhich makes the final circumference 18.84and this is ONE revolutionThen, take the total distance covered from the wheel......which is 22619and divide it by the distance ONE revolution covers.22619 divided by 18.84and you SHOULD get the value for x...which should be 1,201?that is what i got

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