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Nathan C
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Default algebra 2 help?

4^x = 63
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Hii will help u out.........ure given that............4^x = 63taking log on both the sides.......(i am taking base as 10)log(4^x) = log (63)x log 4 = log 63log 4 = 0.6020log 63 = 1.7993x = 1.7993/0.6020x = 2.98893so,the correct value of x is 2.9889.[if 4^x = 64....then its answer 4.........]Hope this is the best answer.,...u have...kall the best
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X=3you can put it in a graphic calculator if you have onethe 4 is to the power of x.So 4^3=64Same as doing 4x4x4are you sure it's 63?
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aisha s
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algebra is hard but have to brake it down to get a easyer way or the anwser
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You need to use logarithms to solve that one.Take the log of each side:log 4^x = log 63log 4^x can also be written x log 4x log 4 = log 63divide each side by log 4 and you getx = (log 63)/(log 4)put that in your calculator and thats your answer

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